Empowering Individuals
Orphaned by Violence

  • At least three million (and as many as 10 million) children witness domestic violence incidents each year in the U.S., and approximately nine million adolescents have witnessed serious violence during their lifetimes.
  • Each year in the U.S. 16,000 people die due to homicide.  
  • There are 3,000 children annually who experience a parent, ex–spouse, or partner killing another (uxoricide).  
  • Roughly 64% of uxoricides occurred with the child in the home.  
  • Approximately 43% of the children either witnessed the murder or found the body.  
  • The 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. is suicide with a total of 38,364.  
  • More than 700,000 emergency room visits are due to self–inflicted injuries.  
  • Among parentally bereaved children, about 25% were bullied because they had a parent die.  
  • The number of unintentional injury deaths in the U.S is more than 120,000.  
  • The number of emergency visits for unintentional injuries was 29.3 million.  
  • There are two million children in America who have had one parental wartime deployment in the past 10 years.  
  • In 2012, there were approximately 400,000 American AIDS orphans.  
  • More than 2.7 million children in America have a parent behind bars.  
  • In 2011, an estimated 400,540 children in the U.S. were in foster care.  
  • Four percent of American children in 2011 lived with no parent.   
  • More than half of the children living with no parents were living with grandparents.